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Blind Cat’s Proud Reaction to Bringing Her Mom a Gift Is the Absolute Sweetest

A pet’s generosity is touching hearts across the internet. Moet is a blind cat who often gets into adventures with her sister Chandon. But she has the biggest heart too. The cat is definitely a giver. And now video of her presenting a gift to her mama is melting hearts online.

The video was shared at a time when Moet’s mama was really missing her. As the pet owner explained elsewhere on her TikTok page @moetblindcat, Moet had been feeling sick recently and was currently staying at the vet. So understandably, the human was reminiscing about better days when she uploaded the footage. “Mum is missing this sweet girl. She’s so proud of giving gifts,” the TikTok creator wrote in the video’s caption. Watch this sweet kitty’s reaction to giving mom the gift! 

Commenters were just as smitten with Moet as we were. “My blind kitty does this, too. It’s the sweetest,” @amedawg79 wrote. “The music started and I knew I was going to cry,” @aresseason joked. “Aww sounds like she’s calling Mom at the end,” @mamsmonkeybusiness pointed out.

And of course, other people were hoping for a speedy recovery. "Hope she's doing better... such a sweet thing," @muslima.ranz commented. "I pray she's feeling better. She's such a sweet soul," @joannlovescats agreed. And a third commenter echoed our thoughts completely. "I just love her so very much. Wee sweetheart," @elizabethshields62 wrote.

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It's always hard when your pet isn't feeling 100 percent, but we know Moet has the best support system — all of the over 700,000 people who follow her online. We're here for you Moet! 

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