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Blind Kitty Giving Kisses to Another Cat is Making Hearts Flutter

Seeing your cats get along is always a good feeling. But a video of a kitty stealing a kiss from another cat in the house is just too perfect. We can feel the love! 

The footage was captured by a TikTok creator named Donna (@missbeansmom), who luckily had her phone out when sweet little Archie made his move. The foster cat was sitting in a cat shell when he quickly snuck out and planted a big one on his brother Ducky. The TikToker was set the footage to Dua Lipa's "Blow Your Mind," which is absolutely perfect. "My little blind turtle," Donna wrote in the video's caption. Ducky's reaction is just too cute!

The comments section was in love with Archie's little smooch. "Oh poor little kitty he may not see he still so cute I like how he plays with his brother or sister," @dylanstone656 wrote. "What a smart and beautiful cat," @josh19945 added. Clearly their other senses are heightened. Love them forever!" "I have never seen this…. IT'S WHOLESOME AND CUTEEEEEE!!! And also very cute personality," @e11_project2022 exclaimed. "Daredevil kitty. He can sense the other cat," @phillycheese2994 joked. 

This isn't the only adorable thing that Archie does. In a second video on Donna's page, the mom explained that she was warned of an unusual habit Archie has by people at the shelter — licking the walls. 

Sure it's a little strange, but when it comes to Archie we'll let it slide.