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Blind Cat's Precious Little Meows Have The Internet Totally Obsessed

A blind cat is warming the hearts of people on TikTok for a video that shows off her sweet personality. Little Opal is quite the character, whether she's playing fetch, having a playdate with other cats — she’s even cute when she's taking a snooze. Now it’s a video of Opal making adorable noises at her mama that has people saying, Opal! We’re your biggest fans!

As her owner @sabrinacollette8 explained on her page, Opal is an eyeless cat whom she found in a drainpipe. She’s a “chaotic wonder kitty,” @sabrinacollette8 joked. However, people can’t get enough of a compilation video of Opal meowing for her mama that shows her softer side. “Sounds my blind cat makes that cures my depression,” her owner wrote in the video’s onscreen caption. “Serotonin boost courtesy of Opal,” she added in the caption.

The video has since been watched over 1.2 million times and some people had some serious ideas about what Opal was doing. “What if she’s using echolocation?” @paintedpridee asked. “I love how she goes into meerkat mode,” @crackcat96 joked. “All her meows sound like questions,” @hadebuz pointed out.

Other commenters couldn’t get past the cuteness. “I’m not a cat person but d—n that serotonin boost….instant smile,” @nurse3453 admitted. “Aww the little bouncy meows,” @Catlovegabby wrote. “Meanwhile, my neighbors are asking me why my baby is crying all day and I have to explain that I do not have a baby and it is, in fact, a cat,” @kaisplat joked. “I'm here for all the kitty chirps,” @gorewhore88 chimed in. 

But we think one commenter said it best: "I’d die for this cat," @jemxcos wrote. Yup, same.