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Blind Cow Intently Listens to Music in Video That's Just Beautiful to Watch

TikTok user @thegentlebarn, a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary, has been caring for a blind cow named Faith. The California location rescued Faith from the dairy industry, which is where she contracted conjunctivitis and caused her to go blind. 

We're so thankful Faith is now being cared for at The Gentle Barn. She gets so much love and attention. Plus, she gets to play and even listen to music. Her favorite type of music? Classical! Watching her listen to classical music is beyond beautiful.

Aww! We love sweet, sweet Faith! Classical music is beautiful to listen to at any time, but we have to say listening to it with Faith takes the cake. The Gentle Barn wrote in the comment section, "Music is so healing for our residents, including Faith..." One thing is for certain, music is medicine for the soul.

@pennyb_buzzing pointed out, "Her little ears ❤️." Sooo cute! This just goes to show she's really listening! She doesn't want to miss one note. @WCBOCC_bismargaret said, "Wish I could move my ears to the music like that 🎶 I bet it’s even more dramatic to hear it with stereo ears 😍." Wow, we didn't even think about that! We love classical music so imagine what it sounds like from an animal's POV. With their incredible hearing, it must sound even more amazing! No wonder Faith is wiggling her ears. LOL! 

"I love that you share music with your animal friends. Look how Faith responds. She's a sentient being," added @collech25. That she is and we absolutely love her for that. Happy listening, Faith! 


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