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Blind Dog Who's Always Up for an Adventure Is Totally Irresistible

Normally, we dread jam-packed days because it's so tiring. Between work, errands and all the house chores, after the first couple of hours, we're exhausted. And it doesn't matter how many cups of coffee we down. We just need the energy and positivity of this one dog we recently saw on TikTok to get us through those hard days.

TikTok user @nicole_martin_77 was sitting in the car with her blind Pit Bull. As soon as she started talking, her dog was listening so intently. She was listing what they were going to do for the day and let's just say the dog was more than amped for the fun-filled day. 

O.M.G. We're so obsessed with this clip. Have you ever seen a dog get so excited for a day filled with adventure?! We don't even get this excited for jam-packed days! This TikToker's 'little eyeless wonder' needs to share this energy with the rest of us. LOL!

"Love it. Something about those four-letter words. Park, ride, walk, lake," said @Cros812. Ain't it funny how almost all dogs have the same favorite words? LOL! Park, ride, treat. They only listen to us when they hear the good words! 

Another TikTok user, @aweamy22, said, "Omg heart melting." It really didn't take long for this dog to steal everyone's hearts. "He is so happy!!" wrote @beachbumxo. The best, happiest, sweetest dog ever! He was ready to do all of that and then some. @teresathatsme added, "What an adorable dog!" Right!? They really don't get much cuter than this.


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