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Video of Blind Dog Meeting Sibling After 14 Years Apart Gives Us All the Feels

Birthdays are always so fun to celebrate. It’s a day all about you with friends and family showering you with love, attention, and hopefully, gifts! But sometimes, your special day is also someone else’s special day. Whether you’re a twin, your BFF has the same bday, or maybe you were born on the same day as your aunt or uncle. As a kid, you may have hated it, but we’ve actually enjoyed sharing our day with someone we love. And we think this Labrador was enjoying it, too! 

Turns out one blind doggo named Marshmellow was enjoying spending his birthday with his litter mate he hasn’t seen in over 14 years. You’d think he wouldn’t want to spend it with a dog he barely knows, but deep down, they both knew they were siblings! The beautiful reunion and birthday celebration was shared by TikTok user @marshmellow_thelabrador and it has put us in all the feels!  

AWW! Those tails wouldn’t stop wagging! Even though one of them couldn’t see and the other couldn’t hear, they both knew their connection was real. And the fact they knew it was their long-lost sibling after all this time… amazing! 

TikTok user @Rott+Pom+Bully asked, “This is awesome! How did you find the litter mate?!” The creator responded by saying, “Marshmellow and Mango were raised together after the mother died giving birth. They were separated at 3 months but we’ve kept in touch. Special day ❤️.” Sooo cute! @Amy wrote, “This is precious. What a beautiful memory for you all. Beautiful day for both babies.” This has to be these dogs’ top 3 favorite days. And we bet they didn’t stop playing or loving each other the whole day! 

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We’d love to see more footage of these two interacting together!

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