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Video of Blind Dog Trying His First Pup Cup Is Total Cuteness Overload

You don't need all five senses to taste a sweetness overload from a treat through your body. Just a few good tastebuds will do the trick, and if those aren’t left, you’ll still feel the sugar rush running through your veins. That’s what happened with TikTok user @rockykanakaofficial's puppy named Kobe. 

Kobe is a blind pup, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting a taste of the sweet life. His owner decided it was time for Kobe to have his first-ever pup cup. It wasn’t in the typical drive-thru fashion, but they did have the Starbucks cups to make it feel ~official~ and because well, it probably tastes better out of the Starbucks cup! He was nervous at first, but you can probably imagine what happened after the first lick. 

Aww! Such a sweet pup deserves all the sweet treats in the world! We felt so bad because he got scared at first. He didn’t know what was happening! But after they tried again, he went IN on that cup. We’re not surprised because that’s typical with puppuccinos! How much do you want to bet he regretted getting scared the first time now that he knows the noise was only spitting out deliciousness?!

“Such a cutie. He now will be able to associate that sound with a pup cup,” wrote @Matthew. 100%! He’ll be waiting to hear the whipped cream can daily, LOL!  “He DEVOURED that!” said @Sid. The creator responded by saying, “Don’t need to see to know a puppuccino smells good 😁.”  

Also, we have to circle back to how the owner wrote in the video, “Please be kind. He’s blind.” Who in the heck would ever think to be mean to a dog, blind or not?! The fact that he had to preface the video with that makes us so sad, and we aren’t the only ones. “Me going through the comments making sure no one said anything mean,” commented @Marilyn. We’re right behind you! @wrench_ROYALTY added, “Please be kind? Who was being mean to that baby? He’s adorable.” Right? How could anyone say something mean to this perfect angel!? We think for every mean comment, he can have an additional pup cup. That’s only fair!