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Foster Mom Takes in Precious Blind Puppy Discarded by Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding facilities that are often known for their rapid breeding and poor conditions, and many consider it an inhumane way to sell dogs. Often, puppy mills will even euthanize or discard dogs that are not viewed as profitable, such as having a disability or being too small. This almost happened to some pups in a litter, but luckily, they had a savior.

TikTok user @thejennifertrip recently shared a video about one of her foster puppies, a blind Miniature Poodle and Pomeranian mix named Nelson. In the video, she says that this pup was rescued from euthanasia at a puppy mill because he was not able to be sold due to his condition. Check out the video to see how adorable Nelson is and help him find a home!

OMG, both puppies are just adorable. Our hearts break to think that sweet Nelson and Milhouse almost lost their lives simply because they were unprofitable to the breeders! We are so glad they were saved.

People in the comments are gushing over these cute dogs. @paws4dogs said, "I think he is adorable!" and @winbell09 commented, "Milhouse and Nelson, so adorable!" These two pups are going to have no trouble finding a family that will fall in love with them!

Others are praising Nelson's rescuer for her kindness. @luvcocochloe commented, "Thank you for saving them and trying to find them a home!" and @ramondaschwieder said, "He’s so cute! Thank you for rescuing them. You have a good heart." We are so thankful for people like this woman who dedicate their time and energy to helping dogs in need!

Nelson and his brother Milhouse are available for adoption through Wise Animal Rescue in New Jersey. We know their perfect families will come along to adopt them very soon!

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