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Video of Blind Labrador Who Still Loves to 'Retrieve' Things Is Melting People's Hearts

Dogs are some of the most loyal and loving companions anyone could ask for. They are always looking for ways to show their owners love and affection, and this blind, black Labrador Retriever, Bass, found the perfect method with this wholesome act.

Bass is fully blind and has his own service dog, Ripple, to help him navigate. Due to his condition, it is difficult for Bass to play fetch with his owners like most Labrador Retrievers. However, he still wants to make sure his humans know he loves them, so with the guidance of Ripple, Bass retrieves various items from around the house as "gifts" to his parents every night. In this video posted to @basstheblindlab on TikTok, witness the love captured between a pup and his mom as he brings her the latest treasure from that night.

We cannot believe how sweet Bass is to bring his mom the shoe he found in their house. In the text on the video, they call it an act of "unconditional love," and we couldn't agree more!

Many TikTok users in the comments expressed their appreciation for these loving and selfless pets. User @bigrigger76 said, "That’s beautiful!!! I swear so many of us don’t deserve the love of a dog." Expressing a similar sentiment, @user379833533869 commented, "They love us unconditionally, we are certainly blessed." Additionally, several comments made sure to acknowledge the contributions of Ripple, such as TikTok user @jacqtr, who commented, "Ripple is the bomb!"

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Bass's commitment to carrying out this act of love every night is proof that dogs truly are man's best friend.

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