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Video of Blind Man Meeting His Guide Dog for the First Time Has People in Tears

A blind man had a very special day when he got to meet his guide dog for the very first time. TikTok user @paulcastlestudio shared a clip about his experience with meeting Mr. Maple, and it's the best thing we've seen in a long time. Based on the dog's reaction, it's hard to believe that this is the first time these two are meeting. 

In the clip, the creator was sitting down when Mr. Maple came running in to say hello. He had no idea how the introduction was going to go. We can't get over what Maple did after meeting his new best friend.

Stop it, this is sooo cute! First of all, we LOVE the name Maple. It's so fitting for this sweet, sweet pup. And second, they became instant best friends! They both just knew this was a match made in heaven. 

"Maple was immediately like you are my person. No one else matters. He’s so sweet," commented @Rachael K. They gave each other so much love already that we can't wait to see where this relationship grows! "'Let Maple warm up a little bit,' as Maple is giving and asking for all the love," said @chelseadavis110. LOL. Maple didn't need to warm up. He knew it was his human. 

So what happened after their instant connection? The two stayed and trained together in Oregon for 2 weeks before going home. Watch this video update of how Maple's training went and how he's doing with his new best friend and family. 

Aww! The creator said he'll be giving us more Maple content and we are STOKED! @Cara Marie said, "I’ve never clicked follow so fast. I need more Maple." Lol, we're right there with you!