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Video of K9 Bloodhound Getting His Deputy Headshot Just Made Our Day

We all understand the struggles of picture day, so when Greenville County Sheriff's Office shared an adorably relatable video of their youngest K-9 officer having his headshot taken, it became immediate Internet gold. To be fair, this Bloodhound pup's cuteness is enough to make him viral all by itself, but we also got a good laugh from the chaos of puppy photography. It's not easy keeping them still!

Adroit-Lee is the cutest officer-in-training we ever did see, but we absolutely melted when we saw his headshot. Those wrinkles are to die for! 

What a little cutie pie! He was so well-behaved for being as young as he is, but maybe it's that training is paying off already. These officers seem to just love him! Clearly, his TikTok fans do, too.

"He’s like 'no pictures please,'” wrote viewer @ashley_hospicern. The pup-parazzi must be getting to him already! Then again, he's likely just a puppy who wants to explore his surroundings--that's natural! As @rtidwell28 said, he's got to take his picture "for his official badge" at some time, and we think he did a wonderful job.

Won't it be wild to compare pictures when he's older? We're sure even then we'll agree with @user9302628325872 who called Adroit-Lee the "beautiful most adorable officer ever." Those wrinkles just can't be wrong! If we had any say in it, we'd be on our way to the sheriff's office to pet the pup right this second. Wouldn't you?

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