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Orange Cats' Adorable Love Story Is Serious Couple Goals

There is something so precious about two cats who are bonded. They sleep together, eat together, play together and look after each other. That's the case with TikTok user @Nala_Meets_world 's beautiful orange kitties who look like they belong in a Disney movie. 

Just check out how sweet these cats are and see if you don't agree! 

Nala and Diggle are making us all teary over here! They are just too sweet. @Foggysfca agrees, posting "So many special moments between these two." @user9509718359176 loves them too, adding, "Yes! Lady & The Tramp have nothing on Nala & Diggle." We just love their little tails intertwined! @MandaKay agrees, "This is just so precious !! Couple goals !" 

They really are! We'd totally watch these feline sweethearts in their own movie. Sign us up for tickets! 

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