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Video of Bonded Pair Being Adopted Together From Maine Shelter Is So Heartwarming

We can't get over the lengths that one nonprofit went to for two of their pups. We know it can sometimes be an increasingly uphill battle to get any dog adopted. But employees at the Bangor Humane Society in Bangor, Maine knew that their two Pit Bull Terriers would only thrive as a pair. Now they're celebrating their recent adoption with a video that's since gone viral on TikTok. 

According to a video on the Bangor Humane Society's TikTok page @bangorhumanesociety, Finn and Fiona have been together since "puppyhood." "We couldn't care the thought of splitting them after eight years together," the video's text overlay reads. Separately, the pups have had people offer to adopt them, but the non-profit knew that they needed to find their forever home together. 

But finally (FINALLY) both dogs were adopted. "It has been a fantastic month for our long term doggos," the video's caption reads. "Thank you to everybody who had a part in this."

So many people praised the rescue for doing what was best for these pups. "So great of you taking them together. You're awesome," @veronicatobin579 wrote in the comments section. "Love this, thankful for the family that took them together," @krystyna1972 added. "Thank you so much for taking them together. I'm crying knowing that they are going to be in a forever family together," @niccodoggy shared. "What a wonderful thing to do, keeping them together…just great!" @kindmary1 praised. 

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This is what loving, caring, humans do for animals. We could almost tear up just know that Finn and Fiona will get to live together forever. Thank goodness for good people like this.

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