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Video of Bonded Pair of Senior Dogs Who Were Just Surrendered to the Shelter Breaks Our Hearts

It's always so sad to see that a dog has been surrendered to a shelter, but when it happens to senior dogs it's positively devastating. Look at a recent video on TikTok shared by creator Joe Kay of Wooster, Ohio, which shows two senior dogs who were given up by their owners. 

Kay, or @adoptingdogs, was clearly so heartbroken after the two pups came into his care at the Wayne County Humane Society. And now he's using their story to raise awareness. "A pair of bonded seniors were surrendered to the shelter today," he wrote in the video's text overlay. "Just the thought of them waiting for their owner to come back. I don't know how much more my heart can take," it continues. Look at these two! We could never give them up, no matter what. 

"All animals deserve better from us!!" Kay wrote in the video's caption. He's so right! 

People in the comments section were so sad on their behalf. "My heart. We rescued two seniors when they were 10 and it was the best decision ever. Our little guy Jax is still around and is almost 19 now!" @pines_and_dines shared. "Oh this hurts my heart. Wish I was close enough to give them a home," @merener_77 added. "Who does this? How do you look at those souls and go 'ah yes, I'm just gonna leave you?'" @nixy.000000 wondered. "My heart just breaks watching these. I’m so grateful for humans like you stepping up," @wilsonhauscandles commented. 

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Hopefully these two will find a new home ASAP.  But in the meantime, we're so thankful for people like Kay who truly care.


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