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Bonded Dogs Who've Been at LA Shelter Over 400 Days Have Us Teary-Eyed

There are so many wonderful dogs sitting in shelters waiting to be adopted. With such an excess of dogs available, it decreases the likelihood of older dogs getting adopted. This is the case for these two pups who have been waiting for their forever home for far too long.

TikTok user @ericaroslyn recently shared a video of two bonded senior Chihuahuas in a shelter she works in. These two pups, Macho and Chacho, have been at Wags and Walks Rescue in Los Angeles for over 400 days. During this time, they have watched many younger dogs find their new families, and these two are wondering when it will finally be their turn. Check out the video to see these cute pups and help them get adopted!

Awww, Macho and Chacho are so cute! We feel so bad for these little guys and hope they find their families soon. We want them to spend their senior years surrounded by love and comfort!

People in the comments shared their well wishes for Macho and Chacho. @maggielily41102 said, "I hope they get adopted soon. They deserve to have lots of love and cuddles. I'm sending them my love, kisses, and hugs." Another user, @itzxmas1, commented, "How is this possible?! Sending positive thoughts for your fur-ever family taking you both home soon!" We are shocked and saddened that no one has wanted to adopt these sweet babies.

Others shared their wonderful experiences adopting seniors. @aprilratcliff commented, "Seniors are the best! We have 3 seniors amongst our pack!" and @angelmontana10 said, "I adopted 2 senior bonded doggies. Best decision ever. I would totally do it again!" Senior dogs are so sweet and loving, they're amazing pets!

We hope these two find their forever family very soon. It is so sad to know they have spent over 400 days in the shelter. No dog deserves this!

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