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House That Comes With a Bone-Shaped Pool Just for the Dogs Is As Luxe As It Gets

There's some videos on TikTok that stop us in our tracks. They're so amazing, so awesome, and so cool that we stop scrolling immediately. And this video of a bone-shaped pool is on of them. We couldn't help but think of all the doggos out there who would love to hang by the unique feature. And it seems to us that other people were just as obsessed too.

The pool was shared by realtor Justin Tate @justinctate, who must've known that he had something special to share when he posted. "Check out the pup pool!" he wrote in the caption. And yep, this is the height of luxury to us.

Over 670,000 people have tuned in to the video and they had some strong opinions about it in the comments section.

"Thank goodness my puppy is sleeping and didn’t see this," joked.  "My dogs would love the pool the yard the little house. Very nice," @lolacherrycola78 wrote. "My mouth dropped lol. That’s amazing," @dorlysc agreed. "The dog is in a higher tax bracket than me," @aligatorkayaks teased.

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 While other people were just a bit critical. "Can’t help but think a rectangle shape would give the pups more room to play," @user1736372622873 commented. "You should put something to give shade for when they go in the pool," @xitlali015 added. "Omg that is so cute. But you know they would just end up in the big pool," @nikkijackson4995 wrote. 

We're sure that the pups would love the pool no matter what. And if you're really wondering — yes, there is a pool for humans too. "

Is this house still on the market? Asking for a friend.

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