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Dog-Inspired Restaurant in Palm Springs Is Too Good to Pass Up

Have you ever gone out to dinner and wished that you could bring you dog with you? There's a way that your wish could come true! TikToker Erin Robinson (@erinrobinson) recently went to Boozehounds, a dog-inspired restaurant in Palm Springs, California where the menu isn't just catered towards humans — it's for your pup too! 

We know it sounds too good to be true, but Boozehounds is a real place! Robinson recently ventured over with her Golden Retriever, Benji. And the food looks delish. "Not only do they have a dog-friendly patio that you can enjoy for drinks and dining, but they also have a dog menu that is chef curated for your dog," she explained in her video's voiceover. And TBH, this menu looks pretty good for humans too! Don't worry, however, there are actual menu items that are for people, not pups. Take a look!

"The dog restaurant we all need!!" Robinson wrote in the video's caption. 

People were all over the idea of a dog-friendly restaurant, as can be seen by the sheer enthusiasm in the comments section. "I took my pup there and they had a guy whose only job was to hand out free dog treats," @annieandhopie shared. "Please say they spelt it Pawmesan fries.." @smoltiddiemilf wrote, speaking of one menu item featured in the video. "Why don’t they have this in the UK," @georgie933 wondered, before adding a face-palm emoji. 

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Although one person was a little worried about the menu: "My dog would be having diarrhea for days if he ate that," @ashstevens199 wrote. 

Thankfully, Benji had the time of his life and got to spend some quality time with his mama too. After all, we all need a little fine dining sometimes.

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