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Border Collie Hailed a Hero After Helping Rescuers Find His Owner After 70-Foot Fall

Nope, this isn't a movie. As much as it feels like a scene from Lassie, a man in Northern California was located and rescued after a terrifying fall all thanks to his dog's hard work. Readers, meet Saul.

He and his owner, a man in his 50's, had been outside the night before the rescue when the man fell over 70 feet. According to news outlet KCRA, he broke his ribs and hip in the tumble but still had to get himself somewhere with cell service in order to get help. Throughout the nearly day-long ordeal, Saul never left his side. Still, the dog's miraculous act was yet to come.

Once Saul's owner was able to call for help around noon, Search And Rescue still needed to locate him. Nevada County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Haack, the Border Collie ran through the forest to flag town two searchers, who then followed him to his owner. 

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"(Saul) was jumping up and down and spinning around in circles," Haack told KCRA. "He took them right to the victim." What a good boy! 

Saul deserved every bite of the delicious dinner he was given following the rescue, but he did have to be separated from his dad so that the man could receive medical attention. Luckily, both are being cared for now that the ordeal is over. 

Since the rescue, Nevada County Sheriff's Search And Rescue had to tell this amazing story. Their Facebook post has locals offering their thanks left and right for the incredible work they do, but none are receiving praise quite like Saul, who made it all possible. 

"My sister's friend had a catastrophic fall on ice a few years ago on a remote ranch in OR," one commenter, Sandy G Chick, shared. "It was her border collie that helped lead other people back to her before she froze to death. Dogs ARE amazing helpers!" That's absolutely incredible. Honestly, we bet there are tons of stories like this! Dogs' love and bravery go a long way, and it's no surprise that it's helped them save lives, just like Saul!

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