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Border Collie's Clever Way of Helping Puppy Out of a Ditch Is Impressive

Border Collies are known for their intense stares and high intelligence, and this dog who's going viral on Twitter is no exception. It takes less than a minute for the dog to figure out a way to rescue a puppy who's stuck in a ditch--impressed yet? For @____B_S____, the Twitter user who uploaded the clip, the 5.2 million views on this video are just as mind-blowing as the video itself.

Before you get too worried about the puppy, know that everyone is A-OK. This quick-thinking Border Collie singlehandedly saved the day, and they deserve every view they can get. 

What a hero! We adore this dog's dedication to saving the pup, whether or not the puppy was their own. Their resourcefulness is astounding! Still, some viewers aren't happy this even happened in the first place. 

"The person recording that could have helped. It just makes them look callous," wrote @faithinbones. We see what you mean! They would've stepped in if they needed to, we're sure. Or, there's always @stephengeraldk1's theory...

"It was another border collie filming it," they wrote. "That's how smart they are." Ha! Now that would be something to see.

We love that so many proud Border Collie owners felt inspired to share stories of their own fur babies once seeing this video. @Dogrocket79 said, "This is my boy, Jack. One time Jack spent 3-4 days building a ramp out of firewood so he could walk up and jump out of the fenced-in backyard. He’s got the smarts." That sounds like it! Combine that with this breed's athleticism, and you've got one natural-born athlete on your hands. Is there anything these dogs can't do?

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