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Woman's Boss Brings His Kitten to the Office and the Adorable Video Is Going Viral

Animal-friendly workspaces are superior to all others, there's no doubt in our minds. This viral video from @kokosmiles_ is proving this exact _jasmine, but we have to admit...we're jealous AF. We want to work with this adorable kitten roaming around!

And so do the 9 million folks who've viewed this video. Yep, this sweet kitty is that popular! It'll make total sense once you see how irresistible she is, but how does she not have her own account yet? This baby girl is a superstar! Readers, meet Loki.

So, is this place hiring? This kind of work environment seems like absolute heaven, especially with Loki on management duty. 

"Your boss is a cat!??!?" @big.b.wolf83 joked in the comments. LOL! The boss may as well have been a cat with the kind of response this kitten is getting. Clearly, she's the one who's truly in charge. 

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Besides, productivity expectations will be a lot more realistic with a cat around. Commenter @ghost.vida said, "100% no work got done that day 😅," and we think they're totally right. How could you do anything other than love on this baby?

Then again, @ivanplaysbass found another big obstacle for this office. He said, "Windows 11 makes me hiss aggressively as well,"  and we're still laughing over here! Maybe little Loki is more fit for an office job than we thought.

Still, nothing beats "the little biscuits on your shoulder 🥺," that @_jasmine709 pointed out. Aren't they just the sweetest? We can't get enough!

Luckily for us--and anyone else obsessed with Loki's kneading skills--@kokosmiles_ uploaded the most adorable sequel to this viral clip. You're welcome! 

Face biscuits?! That's just too cute! Our envy only grows with every new clip of the little calico we see, but it's also an excellent reminder to appreciate (and spoil) all of our four-legged coworkers. What in the world would we do without them?

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