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Boston Terrier Closes Kitchen Cabinets in a Unique Trick We've Never Seen

There is no shortage of dog tricks these days. It seems like they can just about do everything. From talking with buttons to grabbing drinks out of the fridge, they are certainly an impressive breed. 

Just when we thought we saw all the tricks out there, TikTok user @ashleydickerson65 is showing us a unique one we've never seen before. A few kitchen cabinets were left open so someone in the video calls over their Boston Terrier and well, she took care of it. You'll be wanting to hire this doggo for your house after watching the clip!

O.M.G. This is downright impressive! They didn't even have to tell her to close the drawers. They just stated the drawers were left open and she hopped right on up. A dog who cleans up after you, where can we get one? LOL! 

"She works hard to make that house a home and is tired of cleaning up after people," said @tabithamays. Oh, we feel that to our core. Cue the Reba song! A single mom who works two jobs. LOL!

TikTok users are obsessing with this trick because well, quite frankly that doesn't happen in everyone's houses. LOL! @quengen0 asked, "Can you train my kids/grandkids?" Seriously though, so many people could learn this lesson. @den_ow added, "When even a dog can do what my husband can’t." Is this why people say dogs are better than humans? LOL! 


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