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Boston Terrier's Protest Over Dad Playing With His Human Sibling Is Downright Hilarious

Dogs are wonderful, loving companions. However, they can be quite demanding of your time. When your dog wants your attention but you're focused on something else, they will be sure to let you know about it, just like this Boston Terrier did with his dad!

In the video posted to @adventuresofkonaandgator's TikTok account, this Boston Terrier, Gator, let his dad know he was very unhappy with him for giving Gator's human sibling attention instead of him. Sometimes, when a new baby comes along, the dogs of the house have to remind their parents who was there first. Too funny! Check out what hilarious sounds Gator is making to steal the attention from the kid.

LOL! Now that is one surefire way to steal the spotlight! If dad wasn't paying attention before, he absolutely was after those complaints.

"So glad the camera was on the pup because that noise isn't "animal" like haha," commented TikTok user @thumpersmom..1. We can't help but agree. Maybe Gator was channeling the sounds of the dinosaurs?

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Others in the comments said the video instantly improved their mood.@jwinste1 said, "This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day," and @demonic_angel80 commented, "I swear...this was the laugh I NEEDED tonight...I’ve been sad & I almost spit I laughed so hard." Us too! The sounds are so silly and surprising that the first few seconds of this video would be perfect to trigger a spit-take.

After such a funny and captivating performance, we think gator deserves all the attention! Hopefully ,dad will remember this in the future so Gator doesn't have to make these demands again.

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