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Boston Terriers' Guilty Reactions to Destroying a Toy Are Too Funny

Ladies and gentlemen, a crime has been committed! Cue the Law and Order dun dun sound effect because it's only fitting here. Someone get McGruff The Crime Dog or Scooby Doo or some other mystery solving dog because we all need to know who decapitated this banana! 

That's right, this is the case of the super mysterious headless banana and @OnelifeKG posted the following video trying to get to the bottom of it. In our opinion, they all look adorably guilty. 

Some dogs are notoriously destructive when it comes to their playthings, but come on, maybe the banana had it coming. Ava, Diniario and Canelo are all too cute to be behind this dastardly crime! @Nicnac2457 is pointing the finger at Canelo, typing, " It was Canelo. He was too happy and proud of himself." Rod has a different suspect in mind, posting "Ava is the only one that looked away." @Madeline Barringer has probably cracked the case, typing "EVERYONE looks so guilty!" 

Okay, so maybe these Boston Terriers, or terrors, are all guilty but they look so cute after being busted! How can you not buy them toys? We still think the banana was asking for it. 

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