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Man Puts Out Bowls of Water to Help Wildlife and Gets the Sweetest Surprise

Becoming a wildlife photographer takes a lot of skill, practice and above all, patience. But the photos they capture are absolutely incredible. It gives us an insight into wildlife animals that we otherwise wouldn't be able to see. One photographer, known on TikTok as @tjknature, has done not only that but he's also given us a tip to help wildlife in the heat and we're here for it! 

There's no denying that the heat has been brutal all throughout the country the last few weeks. So this TikToker decided to help out the animals he photographs. He said in his clip, which has gained over 1.5 million views, that shallow water bowls can help wildlife in hot weather. And so he practiced what he preached and set out a few bowls. Mix in a little patience and he got the perfect shot. You won't believe this sweet surprise! 

Aww! What an amazing job it must be to see all those different animals! Although, we definitely don't have the patience for it and we'd want to take every furry creature home with us. LOL! Just as @lunar.vixen wrote, "Another day of fighting the urge to take home everything cute in the wild." And what a big urge to fight because they just look so cuddly! 

As it turns out, several TikTok users are saying they set out water bowls for wildlife animals too. That's if they don't live in a mosquito-prone area. "Yes I always do. You'd be surprised the animals that visit!" said @Lauretta Ann Grasso. No day is ever the same probably! @padis_paradise added, "I did this today and a lil crow and his friends drank it!!" Aww! We love that! 

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We seriously can't get over this photographer's new friend named Giuseppe. And if we can't, we bet you can't either so here's more footage he captured!

So dang cute!! One TikTok user asked if other animals have visited in which the creator responded by saying, "Frogs like to soak in them sometimes too. Voles and squirrels have in the past!" Wow! We'd love to spend a day with the photographer, getting a first look at these animals coming to the water. Wouldn't you?! 

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