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Video of Boxer 'Babysitting' Little Boy Is So Cute We Can't Stand It

Every new parent could use a second pair of hands now and again. Although we're sure that one new mom didn't expect the help she received. She recently caught her Boxer Bruno "babysitting" her baby Arthur. And while it might be a tad strange to have your dog watching your son, we're sure she was just happy for the help. 

As can be seen on the mom's TikTok page @babyarthurandboxerbruno, the baby and his dog are almost always together. Even when their mom isn't around... apparently. The recent video shows the mom walking into her son's room, when who should be sitting in her son's crib with him? Yep, it's Bruno. "When the dog is the number 1 babysitter," the video's text overlay reads. Just look at how at ease they are with each other. These two are basically brothers at this point. 

Video of Bruno on the job has since racked up over 1.6 million views. "LMAO ...leave it to a Boxer," one commenter, @barbromeo2, wrote. "They're both are looking around as if to say 'we were told there was going to be snacks,'" @crash_0ver1de kidded. "Best babysitter you will ever find," @amybasil68 praised. "Boxer is like um you left [him] unattended," @crimsontide_lion joked. 

Bruno has been caught keeping an eye on the bub in the past. Including one video where again their mama walked in and caught them hanging out in the crib. "The dog having to entertain the baby constantly," the video's text overlay reads. "He loves the cot," the caption reads. 

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It's all a part of being the best babysitter in the house. And yes, he's definitely going to eat all your snacks.

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