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Boxer’s Concerned Reaction to Crying Newborn Baby Is So Full of Love

For anyone who isn't used to being around babies, there's a lot to see and take in. Not only are they so small and cute, but they're also noisy! This is something Dolly the Boxer got to witness firsthand when she met a crying newborn, and the result is just too precious. 

TikTok account @boxerdollydays follows Dolly's escapades and everyday cuteness, but this video takes the cake. Dolly's expression of care and concern for the baby is so visible--we just want to hug her! Though she and the newborn don't get to come face to face, the look in her eyes tells the entire story. Take a look for yourself! 

We get it, Dolly! There’s so much going on when a new baby comes home – curiosity, love, stress, confusion–but it looks like this sweet Boxer is feeling all the emotions at once, just as @yesitskaren65 commented.”The caring, concerned but confused look” on her face is simply the best!

"Aaaaah bless [her]." commenter @paulpoker wrote. "The dog wants to do something to help but doesn’t know what to do." That's totally what it looks like, especially when Dolly doesn't know whether to sit or keep standing close to the baby. Whatever's going through her mind, though, it's downright adorable. "Does the hooman want my squeeze toy?? 🥺" said @megapint42. Dolly would absolutely share!

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Other viewers have fallen head-over-heels for this pup’s soulful eyes. With the most liked comment, @fskhdl gushed, “Look at the emotion is the dogs eyes, pure love,  love Boxers 🥰.” It’s true, this breed is especially expressive, but Dolly’s eyes (and those tiny teeth!) are impossible to look away from. 

Of course, this video wouldn't even be possible without the tiny human who puts Dolly in her feels. Though this video only captures a few seconds of the dog's reaction while the baby cries, not everyone is convinced she's loving it. 

“Doggo thinking of checking into the nearest dogs’ home 😂” replied @do_u_get_deja_vu666. Funny–and maybe not totally off the mark! A constantly crying infant is a lot to take in. Either way, Dolly is doing one heck of a job learning about her newest, youngest friend.

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