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Video of Boxer Crying Because She Got Caught in the Rain Is Undeniably Precious

You know who doesn't like the rain? Dogs. Or possibly it was just one dog in particular who was absolutely not having it when she and her owners got caught in a rainstorm. Gertie hilariously threw a fit when she started to get wet, but thankfully for us her owners caught the whole thing on video and shared it online. 

The Boxer was spending the day in the great outdoors with her owners when the rain started. Almost immediately, Gertie let it be known that she was not happy. "She's crying because it's raining," her owner, Summer Hall (@summerhall77) can be heard saying in the footage. One of Gertie's owners even tries to shield her from the rain with his body, but still she's freaked. "Oh my — goodness' sake, are you kidding me right now?" Hall continued. Gertie was being such a drama queen that she ran to Hall's side for protection. "You're fine," she said with a laugh, but Gertie wouldn't stop squealing. Take a look for yourself!

People in the comments section were totally enamored with Gertie's "Boxer fit." "Ma'am...she knows that sugar melts in the rain!" @tararicket teased. "The fact that dad is trying to cover his baby is the sweetest. They are such big babies," @ofkno added. "Tell me you have an indoor dog without telling me," @maegg20 quipped. "I don’t know what was more adorable, her daddy covering her so she doesn’t get rained on or her talking to you about it," @annieg_innj added.

While someone else had another theory: "Somewhere in those woods is someone filming a TikTok thinking that sound is paranormal, or a baby yeti..." @poetic_acceptance joked. 

Later in the thread, Hall explained that it wasn't raining when they left for their hike that day. "It only rained for a couple minutes then the sun came out. We all got soaked," she wrote. Which we're sure made Gertie very happy.