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Video of Boxer Recognizing an 'Elvis' Song His Mom Sang Him Is Absolutely Precious

You dog is always paying attention to you, even when you least suspect it. Just like one Boxer on TikTok, who surprised his mama recently after he recognized a song on TV that she's sung to him since he was a puppy. The dog mom was understandably touched, so she shared the happy moment online for everyone to see.

Little Ace is the apple of his owner's eye — and we guess you could say that it goes both ways. His owner @truevixen_uk2020 must've been so happy when she caught the dog having a moment while watching an old Elvis movie recently. "I've sang this to him since he was 8 weeks old," she wrote in the video's text overlay. "My baby recognized it." The way Ace looked back at his mother has us nearly in tears. 

"This is mine and Aces song," his owner wrote in the caption. 

Even though this was a special moment between the pup and his owner, so many people wrote into the comments section, clearly moved. 

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"He looks emotional ... how sweet," @missroadie2.0 wrote. "That is so beautiful. He's wondering why Elvis is singing the song you wrote," @nicoolajh teased. "This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Ace is gorgeous," @lexi122016 added. "Omg this made me cry. He’s a handsome fella," @sarahwilkes48 swooned. 

Many people wanted to see a little of the dog mama singing to her puppy. And thankfully she had some footage on hand. "Ace at 8 weeks old. Our song forever," she wrote in the follow up video's caption. 

No wonder that these two have such a super special relationship. 

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