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Viral Video of Boxer 's Response Watching to 'Jurassic World' Is Just the Best

We don't know about you, but we are not fans of scary movies. So we totally got it when we saw video of a Boxer peacing out when the movie he was watching got to a really spooky part. Quick, we need a nightlight in here ASAP! 

Little Dexter might love napping around the house, but he is clearly no fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. The video shows Dexter sitting patiently in front of the TV, watching through the movie's opening sequence. Suddenly, the camera cuts to a T-Rex cracking through its shell — and that was just about the moment when Dexter decided he'd had enough screen time for the day. "Thats it! I’m outta here!" @deniseplus_3 joked in the caption. Take a look!

People in the comments were laughing just as hard as we were. "The exact 'aw hell no' towards the end," @chandlybing noted. "That was too freaking cute. Puppers was like 'nope.... nope nope nope,'" @rugerslife2021 added. "And some people think animals have no real feelings," @jesstmejess73 wrote. "That first tremor has me rolling, every time I watch this over and over I'm in tears," @streetglideguy chimed in. 

Later in the thread, Dexter's mama explained that her boy didn't leave the room after the camera stopped. "He ran over by his dad and watched a little more from behind the coffee table," she wrote in the comments. 

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No judgement here, Dexter. We barely can make it through to the end of Hocus Pocus. Even though you're a dog, it's totally okay to be a scaredy cat.

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