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Boxer's Precious Bond With New Puppy Tugs at Our Heartstrings

TikTok doggo @stevetheboxer was grieving really hard after losing his best friend and sibling. The whole family was lost without Wendy the Boxer. And anyone who had a pet cross over the rainbow bridge knows how difficult it can be. 

This family decided to call in for backup with the grieving process, specifically for Steve because this doggo was having an extra hard time. They ended up getting another Boxer and named her MJ. The result is so touching. If you ever considered getting another dog, this is your sign to do it.

Aww! Steve totally needed MJ to help the healing process. We're so glad she's there for Steve and for the entire family. "BE STILL MY HEART," said @cooki_lane. That's exactly how we feel after watching this clip! 

"They're absolutely perfect. How special is that? I love that you get to see this kind of love every day," commented @paigethepeach22. The most special moment we've ever seen. As much as we're jealous, they deserve to see and have this kind of love every single day! @freddh5c added, "How precious. It seems the new pup knows the other dog is grieving." Oh, we believe this 100%. That's why she knows not to leave his side. So sweet!

Another TikTok user, @teamsul, wrote, "There is NOTHING better than a smooshy Boxer pile!" We don't think we've ever seen a Boxer pile before this clip and now we know for sure there's nothing better! How can we get involved in the next smooshy Boxer pile? LOL! 


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