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Video of Boxer Protecting Baby From Falling Is So Sweet We Can't Stand It

Parents know how much a children's cry can crush them, especially those cries that follow from them getting hurt or falling down. When it happens the first time as a parent, you declare from then on that you won't let your little one get hurt again. But the reality of that happening is very slim because well, you can't be there for everything. Plus, kids falling or getting hurt is a normal learning experience. So parents shouldn't be too hard on themselves for hearing those cries. And after telling that to parents, maybe someone should tell that to this overly protective boxer.

A recent video from TikTok user @abnormal_chiver shows how the family's boxer was keeping a very close eye on the baby. Apparently, this dog didn't like when the little boy was crying after he fell earlier. And to prevent those cries from happening again, the dog thought she might as well stay by the baby's side 24/7. Aww, so sweet! Watch how the dog's dedication to protecting the baby finally paid off! 

Aww, we seriously don't deserve dogs! What an amazing protective doggo this little kid has, even though the kid is probably annoyed he doesn't have any personal space to play anymore. Now the question is, was she quick to respond because she was being protective, or is it because she didn't want to listen to the baby cry again? LOL! 

"Omg she was straight stressed he was going to fall over 😂," said @redfraggle19. You can see the stress in her eyes. But luckily she was so close to him that she sprung right into action, saving him from a potential fall. @folkloricomom_2020 added, "She said, 'Not on my watch sir, not on my watch,'😂." LOL! She has a specific responsibility and she's not going to let the family down! "You will NEVER fall again! EVER!!" wrote @Tuchana Ford. She'll do everything in her power to never hear the baby cry again. HA! 

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Whether the dog was doing it for the baby's sake or to protect her ears from crying, we know these two are going to have a special relationship forever! 

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