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Video of Boxer Sharing His Toys With His Human Baby Brother Is Total Cuteness Overload

TikTok user @vito.the.boxer is clearly excited to have a baby brother in the family. A new baby means a new set of hands to throw the dog's toys and to chase around the house, of course! Before long, they will be playing in the house 24/7. But in Vito's mind, it's never too early to get the baby playing. 

In a recent clip, Vito the Boxer brings over one of his toys to his baby brother, who is sitting on the ground. He patiently waits as his brother crawls over to the toy. When the baby picks it up, Vito goes over for a kiss! Aww! But the question is, was Vito sharing or training him how to play...LOL! 

Ha! Vito took the toy right back from his brother! Sounds pretty typical when two siblings are playing. We think Vito is actually just training his brother on how to play. The next step is teaching him how to grab the toy back.

"He wants him to chase him! How freaking cute!" commented @Shawna Fowler. Aww! Not yet Vito, but soon enough he'll be running around the whole house with you. "I knew my daughter was spending too much time with the dogs when she started carrying her own toys in her mouth! Vito is the best big bro, so sweet!" wrote @Nugget & Dallas. LOL! If this mom isn't careful, the baby will be doing just that.

We love that Vito wanted to teach the baby to play. Or maybe he was actually trying to share! "I guess he says, 'Ok times up,'" said @kathrynv1600. LOL! Vito probably thought that was enough sharing for one day! "Lol Vito knows he isn’t appreciating the toy," added @Pippa Jean. At least he tried!