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Boxer's Excited Reaction to Day Care Finally Opening Is Everything

Doesn't it amaze you how similar dogs and little kids are? They have the same type of difficulty when it comes to sharing toys or they're always wanting what you're eating. And when it comes to dropping them off at daycare, it's the same for both humans and four-legged children. Complete and utter meltdown or they forget about you and run off to be with their friends. Luckily for most doggy owners, it's the latter. 

Take for instance this white boxer who couldn't wait to get into the doggy daycare doors! The boxer's dad came a little earlier to daycare so they ended up waiting outside. But the doggo, known as @mrhowdyboy on TikTok, couldn't contain his excitement. His little nub was moving back and forth so quickly. And then his reaction when employees start showing up... ugh, priceless! 

The happiest boy we ever did see! We had no idea dogs got this excited to go to daycare. Most of the time you hear about them getting sad about leaving their parents, just like a little kid! But clearly, this boxer has some besties at daycare and he's ready to play with them! 

"If I were greeted at work by anyone this adorbs giving that heckin earnest 'WooooOOOOOooo' to me, I’d just keep re-arriving the whole 8 hours," commented @joank60000. LOL! We would actually be on time for work so we could get this welcome greeting every single day! Any other customer we wouldn't do this for. We're mimicking what @Kristy Weiler wrote, "Dogs is the only customer I am accepting of to see before our work doors open." Retweet!

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Even some doggy daycare workers said this is the best part of the job. @Skyee wrote, "Yes! I love seeing how excited dogs are coming into my daycare! Pet parents will tell us they know the street so as soon as they turn they get happy." It's so amazing that they know! The creator said this boxer starts to vibrate when they get onto the street. LMAO! That's how you know he's treated just right!

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