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Boy's Emotional Reaction to Being Surprised With a Puppy on His Birthday Is Going Viral

Didn't we all dream of getting a puppy for our birthdays when we were kids? Year after year, we begged our parents to get us one. So we hope you'll excuse us for being just a bit jealous of one boy on TikTok who recently got the best birthday gift. 

The emotional video was shared by @cincygirl513, who captured her son's reaction to the perfect present. "He's been begging for a dog since he was 3 years old," the text overlay reads. The footage shows the 12-year-old preteen opening a package. And inside were two dog toys shaped like walkie-talkie and a basketball. Right away, the boy clocked that these weren't toys for a human. "Are you serious? They're dog toys? I'm so sorry, bud. I guess you need a dog," his mom said from behind the camera.

Well, we think you can guess where this is going. "His wish came true," the text overlay reads. Tears. Instant tears. From us and the whopping 42 million people who have watched the heartwarming video. 

People in the comments section were so touched. "Omg you can tell he is such a sweet boy," @ashdee90 wrote. "When you raise your kids in a loving family and they communicate and show emotion," @selenameilee commented. "I'm still to your beautiful family," @user86556476 added. "Now we’re gonna need a journey of him and his new dog growing up together, cause by looking at his reaction.. that dog’s about to be the luckiest dog," @lawrencegagau chimed in.

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The mom even shared a second video of her son and his new dog bonding for the first time. And yep, we're crying all over again. 

Here's to these new best friends.

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