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Boy's Over-the-Top Reaction to Dog Going Into Labor Is Going Viral

It was another normal day for this family household, known on TikTok as @alaskaelevated. The son was playing video games with the two dogs by his side, something they must've done a thousand times before. But of course, no two days are the same and one of the French Bulldogs made sure it was a day no one would forget.

The security camera in this family's home captured a beautiful moment in life. Well, it's supposed to be a beautiful moment, but we think instead it scared the heck out of the son and all 4.2 million people who watched the clip. LOL! Watch the son's reaction as the dog goes into early labor. Just make sure you prepare your ears for this one!

O.M.G. What a scream this kid has! We told you to prepare your ears...LOL! He really couldn't believe what was happening and so he had to call dad immediately. Sorry, not just call but scream at the top of his lungs! To be fair, we'd have the same reaction as a kid. LOL!

"I thought it was the dog that was screaming at first😂😂," commented @Veve12234. We did too! We also didn't know there were two dogs in the video...oops! @Norma Garcia3035 said, "I thought it was the black dog 😂 but he was literally next to another dog 😂." Glad we aren't the only ones who thought this. We seriously thought the black dog was going into labor while still watching TV! LOL! 

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When asked if their son was alright, the creator responded by saying, "He’s a champ and stayed up all night with my wife taking care of the puppies for the rest of the birth. He was so excited about it." Aww! Good to know those were excited screams then. LOL! And hopefully next time, he'll be a pro on how to react!   

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