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Video of Emotional Moment Woman Surprises Boyfriend With Their New Puppy Is Going Viral

There's something so special about having someone special in your life who you're raising a pet with, and it can be made even more magical when you have the time, love and resources to welcome a second pet into your family. 

Such is the case with the cute couple at @JosieandBillie who welcomed an adorable new puppy to their family. Just watching the reaction of the owner when she hands her boyfriend the new puppy.. it will make you teary too! 

So sweet! You may have noticed in the video that dad sort of sidesteps the older dog Josie to reach the new puppy and commenters on the video did too!

@Mazhitkamila types "The first dog is like “wait a minute, let me tell you something..” @Ash says "Your other dog: DAD, DAD, DAD!!! I GOT A NEW FRIEND...LOOK, LOOK!" @Visioncreated says "Not me feeling sad for the older dog just wanting love and getting ignored!" But don't worry, the next video posted shows dad greeting Josie so Josie wasn't left out at all. 

Sometimes two are better than one! If you are introducing a new puppy to an older dog it's best to look for signs of anxiety and take it slow. And remember to take lots of videos of the new siblings bonding because after the initial tension there are bound to be some totally adorable moments too! 

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