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Woman's Emotional Reaction to New Puppy After Losing the Family Dog Is Going Viral

There is no loss quite like the loss of a pet. And there's no telling when, or if, you'll ever be ready to get a new one. For one woman on TikTok, her boyfriend knew exactly when she was ready to welcome a new member to her family and surprised her with a Cockapoo puppy, which brought her to tears.

We can all use a little kindness after loss, but we're sure Aoife Hutchinson (@aoifehutchinson1) wasn't expecting her boyfriend to walk through the door with a new pup. In the video, Hutchinson is sitting on the couch chilling, when her boyfriend shows up with the surprise. Cue the tears! 

"When your boyfriend surprises you with a puppy 5 months after the death of your family dog," the video's text overlay reads. "Best present in the world. Welcome to the family Miss. Maisie," she added in the caption.

Hutchinson wasn't the only one crying. "The picture of the old dog in the back," @holliemulkerns22 wrote in the comments section. "Nahhh she is soo comfortable with you in 0.1 second," @demileigh__01 remarked. "Currently crying my eyes out at this," @shazeliz admitted. "Whoever has owned and lost a dog would have shed a tear at this. Beautiful moment," @mrduke89 added.

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Later in the comments section, Hutchinson thanked everyone for being so kind to her during the transition. "Was not expecting to go viral ugly crying. Thank you to everyone who has left such lovely comments," she wrote. 

She also explained that before Maisie's arrival, her family had been discussing getting a new dog and agreed that they were ready. "We were ready to love again. Maisie could never be a replacement, just a new chapter in our lives," she wrote.


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