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Little Boy's Emotional Reaction to New Puppy Gives Us All the Feels

There are some kinds of videos that truly never get old: military homecomings, cute babies, talented about reactions to bringing home a new pet?  Love at first sight like that is simply magical to witness, but it's even more special when the family's newest addition is a surprise. That's exactly the context for the latest viral video, and when we say it's a can't-miss, we're not exaggerating one bit. It's so sweet it had us in tears!

In the clip, @pennyjonno and her husband surprised their two sons with their new best friend. Though both of the boys had adorable reactions, the older son's response was particularly heartwarming. Grab the tissues, then take a look!

Aww! There's just so much sweetness packed into one video, we don't know where to look next! It's clear that both of the boys have so much love for their new friend already. Can we just live in this moment forever? As long as this clip stays on TikTok, the answer is yes!

By the looks of the comments section, we're not the only ones watching this on repeat. Viewers just can't get enough of the boys' thoughtfulness with their new buddy--just ask @michelebarlow786!

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"What lovely boys you have," she wrote. "Very calm and gentle with you new addition to the family and concerned about the cat 🥰." We totally agree! There's nothing but love and are in this video, and we see why TikTok is living for it. 

Clearly, Penny's sons were excited, but how precious is it that the dog was just as happy to see them? Just like @jas_8885 commented, "the puppy was waiting 😭" just for them to come home! And it only got cuter when "the dog immediately knew those were his small humans 🥺." @cc7_journal knew exactly what we're talking about!

"I’m a grown man. It’s Saturday morning. Why am I crying at 08:48," asked @arws83. LOL! There's no doubt that this puppy is going to be immensely loved by their new big brothers. Honestly, it's enough to make anyone tear up.

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