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Video of Bride’s Dog Seeing Her at the Altar for the First Time Is Just the Best

There is no bigger point at a wedding than when a bride walks down the aisle. It's that magic moment when everyone gets to see her in her dress for the first time. And usually it's the look on her husband-to-be's face that is just priceless. But one video on TikTok changes the script just a bit, after people noticed that the bride's Boxer was completely swept up in the moment too.

Fortunately, the incredible moment was caught on camera and later shared by the couple's wedding venue The French Farmhouse in Texas (@thefrenchfarmhousevenue). The footage shows the bride just as she's about to get to the alter. Much to the delight of her pup! "When the brides dog sees her for the first time on wedding day!" the video's caption reads. Awww, it's almost too cute. The look on the pup's face is everything. 

We weren't the only ones totally taken in by the dog's reaction. With almost 72,000 views, other people online were feeling the love. "He said 'that’s my momma,'" @yourmsrealtor wrote. "I'm teary-eyed! The love the dog has for her, beautiful," @lulu80ca added. "He fell in love again," @prae1225 chimed in. "Awwww that’s the sweetest reaction !!! He just made her wedding day even more special," @letiperez10 agreed.

It just goes to show that a dog's love for their human is so pure. We know that this bride must've been so happy to see her pupper during her big entrance, hopefully their photographer got a good picture! 

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Or as one commenter @moms.and.munchkins put it: "Nothing beats a boxers love for his momma."

Too true!

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