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8-Month-Old Scared Puppy at Minnesota Shelter Breaks Our Hearts

There are many dogs overcrowding animal shelters across the country. When shelters are at maximum capacity, it can create stressful and nerve-wracking environments for the dogs in their care. One puppy felt the effects of a high-resident shelter in this heartbreaking video.

Animal Humane Society in Minnesota recently shared a video on their TikTok, @animalhumanemn, of one of their dogs that's having a difficult time. In the video, we meet Brownie, a Poodle mix puppy who is having a difficult time adjusting to life in the shelter and scared of his surroundings. Check out the video to see this sweet pup and help him find his forever family!

Awww, Brownie is absolutely precious! We hope he is able to get out of the shelter soon. Once he is in a more calm environment, we're sure he will come out of his shell more and be a delightful puppy!

People in the comments are shocked Brownie ended up in the shelter in the first place. @howlongtosummer said, "How on earth did that baby end up there?" and @juliebc06 commented, "I'm sure he'll be adopted in no time." Brownie shouldn't have had to spend any time in a shelter!

Others are wishing this lovely pup well on his search for a family. @jacova111 commented, "Awww so sweet. Praying he gets a forever home soon." Another user, @lorettamaldonado9, said, "I would take him but I already have two dogs. I love Brownie, I hope he gets a loving home soon!" Someone will take Brownie home soon, we're sure of it!

Brownie would be a wonderful companion for many people. Hopefully, someone can foster him until he is adopted so he does not have to stay in the shelter!

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