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Tiny Brussels Griffon Who Looks Like 'Chewbacca' Has People Obsessed

The Star Wars films are full of crazy-looking creatures. Most appear completely foreign to the animals we have here on Earth, except for one pup that is capturing the hearts of Star Wars fans and dog lovers.

Proshka is a Brussels Griffon who is looks remarkably like Chewbacca, the Wookie resistance fighter and co-pilot to Han Solo during the Star Wars original trilogy. In this adorable video posted by @griffy.girl on TikTok, we get an up-close and personal look at Proshka with the Star Wars main theme song playing in the background. Check out the video to see if you agree with the Chewbacca look-alike assessment, or see if there's a different furry fictional character that you think Proshka resembles!

This dog is just WAY too cute, and the Star Wars theme in the background is just perfect! He has a grumpy little face, but we're sure he's a real sweetheart.

People in the comments of the video raved about how amazing Proshka is. @bobilogan1961 said, "Oh he is stinking CUTE!!!" and @swoopitydooda commented, "This is the greatest dog ever." Very high praise, but Proshka is deserving!

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A few people made some very funny jokes about Proshka's scraggly  appearance as well. @makebpet said that the pup, "Looks like my new haircut…" and @diva__glam claimed, "That’s exactly how I look when I wake up in the mornings." Proshka certainly has quite the bedhead hair-do!

Several other's pointed out that Proshka looks like Gizmo, the main protagonist from the Gremlins franchise. We see the resemblance, but we think his Chewbacca impersonation takes the cake!

Maybe for the next Star Wars movie, Disney can cast Proshka as Chewbacca's adorable little brother!

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