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Daddy Brussels Griffon's Lookalike Puppy Proves the Apple Doesn't Fall Far

Oh my goodness, every once in a while you see a dog with so much personality that you can't even believe it. That's the case with amazing Proshka owned by @Griffy.girl on TikTok. We just adore his sweet little disapproving face! And what could be better than seeing one hilariously cranky looking dog? Seeing his lookalike daughter.

Check out this adorable video and see how much this little girl takes after her daddy. So cute we can't stand it! 

@Punchydude agrees with us and posts, "Love that little face." According to the American Kennel Club, Brussels Griffons are comically self-important. We can totally believe that by this little guy's face. He just looks so smug and somewhat annoyed. @Indigo girl adds, "Omg that little face is absolutely adorable!" @Debnova51 has obviously researched this breed, because she says " Love Brussels Griffons! I want one, hard to come by, expensive. So cute & loads of personality!"

The AKC also says that Brussels Griffons "Have a low threshold for loneliness and will stick close to their special human." Now we want one even more! Can you imagine life with that adorable little crab cake by your side?

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