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Brussels Griffon Who Sounds Like a Chicken Is Nothing Short of Adorable

A dog's bark is their voice, each one so unique with personality. Just as our voices are all different. Sometimes dogs use their voice to ask for treats, warn other pups or to play. And once you're a dog owner, you'll start learning what each of your doggo's barks or sounds are referring to. That is unless you have a dog who sounds nothing at all like a dog...

Meet TikTok doggo @welcometowaffles. An adorable bearded, Brussels Griffon pup named Waffles who we aren't convinced is really a dog. In a recent clip, which has over 1.5 million views, Waffles is sharing her opinion on something. She's letting out quick, little barks that sound nothing like we've ever heard before! Well, we've heard it before, just not from a dog. LOL! See if you can make out what animal she sounds like. 

LMAO! We could listen to her bark all. day. long. Oh sorry, not bark but bok! Waffles seriously sounds like a chicken boking in the morning. But we LOVE it! Guess there's a reason why the term chicken and waffles came to be. LOL! The creator wrote in the comments, "Hoping someone remixes this… 🤞🎶🐶." We do too! Such a unique sound that would climb the Billboard charts immediately! 

TikTok users are blown away by her sound. It's as if she's speaking another language! @Jacoblovestacoss wrote, "Bilingual, I like it Picasso." She's fluent in chicken and in dog. Impressive! @maissikeisari added, "I dont know what shes saying but I know its something wise." We think her beard adds to her wiseness. LOL!

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Another TikTok user, @karaboolouxoxo, wrote, "I’ve watched this more times than I care to admit and have laughed hysterically every single time." Same! We said it before and we'll say it again, we could listen to her bok all day long! 

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