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Bulldog Puppy’s Tiny Growl Is So Stinking Cute We Can’t Get Enough

Those puppy years are such a sweet time. All of the firsts and you get to learn your pet's personality too! Just like one English Bulldog puppy on TikTok, who let out the sweetest little growl in a recent video and now people are besides themselves from all the cuteness. 

Just one look at sweet little Winnie's face and who could blame the near 90 million people who watched his video and absolutely melting when they saw him. The footage from @geb_carla1 shows Winnie, a months-old puppy from California, during a particularly chatty moment that you need to see for yourself. You get 'em Winnie!

Winnie had the entire internet spinning with his adorable sounds. "Oh my, little sassy thing," @dianedivet teased. "Run for your lives, it's Killer the Adorable," @christinemorris73 joked. "Talking lots of smack but super cute," @georgettevalentinewilli0 joked. "Too cute. He's trying to tell you, you don’t won’t this problem," @user8738327558571 kidded.

In a second video shared on @geb_carla1's page, Winnie (now re-named Winston) again won hearts over by the *ahem* ferocious way he defended his owner from a hose. We love Winnie's laser-like focus. Someone's gotta protect the house from *checks notes* cold water.

It was all fun and games until Winnie heard another dog barking and then got a little scared himself! Don't worry, little guy. One day you'll grow up to be big and tough.