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Bull Mastiff Sits Just Like a Human and We Can't Stop Laughing

If a pet wants your attention, he or she will come over and jump on you. Or maybe they'll make noises until you go to them. Whatever it is, it's not quiet. It's as if they don't know how to just sit patiently until you get a chance to go over to them. 

But believe it or not, there are some pets out there who are calm and patient enough to wait for their humans. Just take a look at this clip from TikTok user @averythedog. This Bull Mastiff was sitting down in the living room until her owner noticed. You seriously won't stop laughing once you see how this good doggo sits!    

LMAO! Have you ever seen a dog sit like this before?! Because we sure as heck haven't! We absolutely love it though. She's so cute sitting all properly. And the fact that she knew not to disturb her owner, ugh precious. Talk about a good doggo!

"Sitting like her hooman," wrote @asbolagotto2. Really though, this dog was sitting like a human! We don't know how that's comfortable, but it worked! And honestly, she had better posture than we do. LOL! @jb71316 added, "What a character!" Right?! This dog clearly has a personality because what other dog would do this? Not ours, that's for sure!

Another TikTok user, @user1310484450077, commented on what this dog was thinking, "What! I am sitting down." Ha! She really was looking at the camera like, 'You can't yell at me I'm being a good girl and sitting.' We would never yell at you, Avery! 


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