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Bulldog's Attempt to Crash Mom's Bathtime Is Downright Comical

It seems like ever since we've gone through quarantine with our pets, they've gotten really attached to us. They never want to leave our sides because they're used to us being there 24/7. We actually find it adorable! But maybe not when you need some time to relax. 

TikTok doggo @chunktheenglishbulldog is one of those dogs that doesn't want to leave his owner's side. His owner was trying to take a nice, relaxing bath when Chunk decided he wanted to join in. But, this poor baby didn't get the response he wanted and his reaction is priceless!

Aww! How could anyone say no to that face!? This sweet English Bulldog is clearly attached to his mom and just wanted to be relaxing with her. We didn't think he was asking too much. LOL! 

"Chunk, don't let her tell you how to live your life," wrote @adamscarroll. That's right! If you want to get a bath, you hop right on up, especially since you asked so nicely. LOL! "You better apologize for saying no right now, or I’m calling the authorities," added @weraa934. So are we! Give this Chunk the bath he deserves. LOL! 

"Isn't it weird how they want to come in when you are in but don't want to when it is their turn for a bath?" commented @sailorjulz. HA! Why is that so true!? Dogs hate getting baths but they're completely fine with jumping in when their owner is taking a bubble bath. What's up with that!?


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