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Bulldog Who Loves to 'Bless' Other Pups Is a Gift From the Heavens

If dogs are angels on Earth, this precious Bulldog is living proof. Meet Olive! This silly girl's favorite thing to do is to "bless" her daycare buddies with a paw on their head. This isn't just any kind of pawing motion, either; it's slow, deliberate, and oh-so-adorable. All she's missing is a fancy robe and hat, and she's ready to lead the very first service of Barkism. 

It's no surprise that her blessings quickly went viral on TikTok. Since her daycare caretaker @sundayaussies first shared this pup's sweet talent, nearly 2 million people have seen it (and loved it!). Surely we wouldn't be the only ones lining up for a chance to be blessed by the one and only Olive.

Oh, Olive! That precious face is a blessing in itself, but those little slow paw boops? We can't get enough! Neither could the commenters--shocker!--who raved over everything from Olive's underbite to her solemn expression while she blesses her friends. 

"[Sh]e said 'now, bow your head as we pray' 😂," wrote @the_belle_doxies. And they totally do! It's crazy how dedicated Olive is to the detail of her craft. Let's just say we are totally living for it! @Lorit1112 might've been more correct than she thought when she joked, "[Sh]e was a Priest in a former life 😁." You never know!

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We must applaud @kendallmarie978 for her absolutely golden Top Gear reference: "*You’re healed, I have healed you*." LMAO! We can practically hear Olive thinking that as she works her magic on her friends (who are all surprisingly cooperative), but we still have no idea why exactly Olive performs these blessings. 

"Bros making sure all dogs go to heaven," commented @parkerwood52. Aw! Whether or not that's Olive's agenda, one thing's for sure. Just as @yeetpolice8 wrote, "The Holy Spirit is with these dogs forever now." Good girl, Olive! 

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