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Bulldog’s Response to Being Cornered by Tiny Kittens Is Totally Priceless

There’s no denying that cats more often than not rule the house. And even though they’re much smaller than most dogs, their fierce nature gives them the power, even when they’re just little kittens. Because of this, many dogs that have lived with cats, know to keep their distance and to stay quiet. But there’s one Bulldog who decided to voice his opinion. 

TikTok user @lovenlight0013 captured a hilarious video of her Bulldog and the two kittens of the house. All three of them are in the bathroom, but the 70-pound doggo can't leave. The kittens have cornered him. The door is blocked. So he did what any other dog would do, well any other dog that has the confidence to go against a cat…LOL. He raised his voice, and the result is priceless! 

LOL! Not only did all three animals jump back when he barked, but we did, too! We weren’t expecting that at all. It’s so rare to see a dog stand up to a cat. And honestly, we think he surprised himself! Or maybe he was just nervous about the repercussions of his actions...

“He seems to have scared himself 😂,” wrote @Viiiv8. He must’ve not known he had it in him! @jeana pointed out, “He turned his head like he didn’t do it.” LOL! He was looking for someone or something to blame the bark on. Anything to get the kittens off his back, especially since he immediately knew there were going to be consequences for his actions. He turned his head around because “He was protecting that face from kitten boops 😂,” said @Kelsey✨. Or maybe as @Juno’s Place explained, “They realize they may have just started war.” HA! 

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But we have a feeling no war was started between these three. The creator wrote in the comments, “He is the best boy, he loves cats.” Aww! So this must’ve just been a tiny argument, just like any human siblings have. 

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