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Bulldog's Hilarious Reaction to Seeing a 'Crockpot' on the Counter Wins the Internet

There are a million things to love about dogs, but some of our favorites are their over-the-top reactions. From the most pathetic begging to the most obvious aloofness, it's hard not to crack a smile, at least. This precious video is proof!

One eagle-eyed dog mom caught this great moment when her English Bulldog, @littlemr.murphy, found the Crockpot on the counter. Even if we can't read the pup's mind, we're head-over-heels for his annoyed reaction!

LMAO--Murphy is such an observant little bulldog! He knew something was up with that unfamiliar thing on the counter, but his mom's reaction was just as golden as his. Clearly, he's sounded the alarm in the past. 

"He’s a trained security professional," commenter @___argonaut___suggested. "Frankly it’s suspicious looking 😏." Well, if Murphy thinks so--it must be true! He might need a little taste test to make sure all is as it should be, you know?

If you ask the commenters, this might be a Bulldog thing! @Okenni843 said, "🤣my Lulu does the same with new things or things outta place🐾🥰," and we are living for it. These pups are so curious and inquisitive! "They are the most odd yet perfect breed ❤️," agreed @kimberlykoppenhaver. "I miss my Ellie girl , she did the same thing 🥰." Yep--it's definitely a Bulldog thing! They are a very curious, confident breed, after all. 

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