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Video of Bulldog Imitating a Baby Playing Is Pure Internet Gold

Your baby and your dog — they’re besties, right? They do everything together. They eat together, they sleep together, and when it's playtime, they have the most fun together. That’s the case for two best buddies on TikTok, who recently went viral for their adorable hangout session.

Footage of the baby girl and her English Bulldog has since amassed over 43,000 views, and it’s all too cute for words. The video, shared by Lavinia N. Cristina (or @momofruthie as she goes by online) shows her infant daughter playing with a toy walker. The toy plays music, so of course, her little girl starts grooving to the beat. By her side is her trusty sidekick, the family dog. Just wait until you see what the dog is doing. These two are priceless together, that’s for sure!

This is just too precious! So many people wrote in and were obsessed with the pint-sized pals. “Fantastic, absolutely fantastic,” wrote @markhamblett. “This is just way too stinking cute!!!” @Rhondayaya63 agreed. And @long_shanks90 declared it “The best video yet of 2022.” Yep, we definitely agree.

In another video Lavinia shared on her page, the dynamic duo can be seen lounging together on the floor. Adorably, the baby seems to be trying to use her dog to help her get up, but then PLOP. She ends up draped over the dog. Too cute!

These two are just so sweet together. We just know that they’re going to be the best of friends for a long, long time.